18th January, 2018

new york city best spots to do a photoshoot

I like to say that New York has it all.

Every corner of this city looks like it's coming right out of a movie. It really is magical! And I also know it can be very hard to choose from this variety of places, where to do your session. That's why I decided to show you my fave spots:


brooklyn bridge

central park

west village


city observatories

times square

Dumbo has a urban vibe, it has the iconic NYC view by the Pier 1, and during our walk we can walk through the Empire Fulton Ferry area, passing by Jane’s Carousel, Pebble Beach (a little bay area that has a breathtaking view from the Manhattan skyline), and the famous Washington Street (that view of the bridge in the middle of the street). It's perfect for people that like street style photos.

- Closest subway stations: York Street / High Street

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the main attractions in NYC and it's a must-go during your visit. Just be careful when choosing the time to go, because it can get incredibly crowded, especially during sunset and holiday season. For shots without many people, go really early in the morning, or during bad weather (rain, snowy days, etc).

- Closest subway stations: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall (Manhattan side) / High Street or York Street (Brooklyn side)

Central Park it’s that classic movie scenario with lots of nature and romantic vibes, perfect for people that love nature! Every corner of the park is beautiful and in some areas we still have the Manhattan skyline in the back, like at The Pond, Gapstow Bridge (the bridge from the movie Home Alone), Wollman Rink, etc. Another great part of the park to take photos is at The Mall, the Bethesda Fountain & Terrace (the place where Blair & Chuck, from Gossip Girl, got married), and the famous romantic Bow Bridge, where lots of couples go to propose every year!

- Closest subway stations: 5ave-59st / 59st-Columbus Circle / 72nd street / 81st street-Museum of Natural History

If you’re looking for a more traditional New Yorker vibe (walking on the street, red bricks in the back, a coffee in your hand, calling for a yellow cab kinda vibe), then the West Village is the perfect spot for you. It's also home of two of the most famous tv shows apartments: Friends and Sex and The City. It's also where is located my favorite square in town: Washington Square Park (that square which is the Arch).

- Closest subway stations: W 4st-Wash Sq / 8 street / Christopher Street

Now, if you're looking for a modern part of town, I definitely suggest the Hudson Yards. In photoshoots, we pass by The Highline, a beautiful public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets - so get ready to see and pass by a lot of cool architecture! - and the famous Vessel, one of the most recent additions to the NYC icons list.

- Closest subway stations: 14street-8av / 23rd street / 34 street - Hudson Yards

New York is definitely a city that needs to be appreciated by all points of view, especially from above! On the list of some of the coolest observatories, we have:
• Top of the Rock
• Edge
• Summit OV
• One World Trade Center
• Empire State Building.. The list goes on and on!

Times Square has that amazing energy, full of colors and lights, and it's for sure one of the most iconic places in town! But beware of the crowd: the best time to go snap some shots over there is either early in the morning or late at night, because it tends to get full of people during mid-hours and right after sunset!

- Closest subway stations: 42 street - Times Square / 49 street

Now tell me: what are your favorite spots?


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